Meet Iris

The World’s First Professional
Photo Booth

We use a lot of the same gear the pros use. Only better.
Build confidence with a clean, crisp headshot, then go take on the world!

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Fits your space

Iris Comes in
two sizes

We’ve built Iris in two sizes, one for the office and one to take on the road. Introducing Iris Air and Iris Booth.

Iris Air is perfect for event rentals

Swag that sticks

Hand out the usual promotional products and get a 3 second touch point with your audience. Iris Air is a 10-minute experience that will leave a lasting impression. Over 90% of people who use our booths activate their account and use their new profile photo.


Confidence Builds Success.
Iris Builds Confidence.

Remember the last time someone gave you an unexpected compliment? You immediately stood little taller, a little straighter, felt more confident. Well, an Iris Photo is like that, an unexpected compliment. The lighting, the gear, the software is all designed and engineered to make you look your very best. Who couldn’t use a little more confidence?