The World’s First Professional Photo Booth

We do one thing, and one thing only:
we take the perfect photo, every time.


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Iris Booth

Offer your team 24/7 access to Iris Booth for consistent, high-quality portraits every time, without ever having to leave the office.


Iris Air

Light, portable and show-stopping. Iris Air is
ideal for events, conferences or anywhere space is limited.

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We invite you to join some of the world’s biggest names in technology
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Get to Know Iris

What to Expect

Haven’t used our booth before? Not to worry — our technology is designed to be used by any and everyone. A life-sized monitor allows you to make use of our studio-grade lighting, cameras, and powerful editing tools to ensure a high-quality portrait, every time. We’ve created an intuitive user interface with you in mind, so you can enjoy the process from start to upload.


Introducing the new touchless App

High touch surfaces giving you anxiety lately? Us too! The pandemic has changed the way we live, work and take care of our health. Here at Iris we’ve been working hard to keep up. Introducing the new “contactless” Iris App! It is now possible to use your smart phone as a remote to get studio quality photos in minutes. All while keeping you safe and happy.