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At Iris Booth Inc. we are committed to the protection of your privacy. In this notice we will explain why and how we, in the capacity of a data controller, collect, use, disclose, retain and protect your personal data. We understand your rights and will explain how you can exercise those rights.

When we refer to “Iris Booth”. “we”, “us” or “our”, we mean Iris Booth Inc. a company registered in Cowichan Bay, British Columbia under the number 822801569. Our registered office address is:

1745 Cowichan Bay Rd. Box 27
Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada V0R 1N0

This Privacy Notice covers our use of your personal information, which is collected through or in connection to our Website. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “this Website” means all the web pages related to the site, excluding any links to third party sites.

If you have any questions about how we process your personal data, or have questions about your data subject rights, please email us at

This policy describes:

  1. What personal data do we collect?
  2. How and when do we process your personal data?
  3. What is the legal basis for the personal data collection?
  4. Who do we share personal data with?
  5. Restricted Transfers (personal data transfers outside of the EEA)
  6. How long do we keep your personal data?
  7. Your rights
  8. The Iris Booth website
  9. Policy Updates

What personal data do we collect?

Contact information: email address only (we do not need anything else to deliver your photos)

Interaction with our staff: correspondence and communications with us, information you might provide through email.

We do not collect any information on you for marketing or technical purposes, neither when you open an account nor when you visit our website.

How and when do we process your personal data?

We collect and process your personal data when:

  • You visit our website
  • You open an account with us
  • When you collect your photos
  • When you contact us through email (either the mail associated with your account or one of your accounts or another email address used at the time)
  • When you visit our office
  • When you attend events hosted by us or industry events that we attend

In your and our legitimate interest: we use your personal data for one reason only, to provide you with the photo capture, storage and download service, when you open an account and visit a booth. We assume that you understand that at a very minimum we need your email address to provide our service. We therefore will not ask for explicit consent when you open an account or use your account in a booth.

To comply with legal obligation: in certain circumstances we will have to disclose your personal data in response to an inquiry from a regulatory authority, the police or other government bodies.

Who do we share personal data with?

We sometimes share data with the provider of this service; controller.

Restricted Transfers (personal data transfers outside of the EEA)

Your personal data is held in Amazon Web Services in Ashburn, Virginia. AWS is Privacy Shield certified and therefore was able to evidence that sufficient safeguards are in place to protect your personal data.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We keep your personal data for as long as you have an account with us and 1 year after the last activity on said account. We will contact you before we delete your account to ensure you no longer require our services. Should you delete your account, none of your information (photos, email address) is kept. Photos will be stored in your account for an amount of time dictated by the provider of this service or a default of 12 months.

Your rights

Right to access: you are the only one who can access your account(s) and the photos associated with your account or accounts.

Right to rectify: you are the only with control over your account (i.e. if you want to change the email address associated with the account).

Right to be forgotten and Right to object: You can delete photos or the account, which will automatically delete all personal data (email address and photos) associated with the account. Deleting this information will delete all associated data (photos, email and password) and consequently we will stop processing your personal data.

Right to restrict processing: you can delete photos on the account if you do not want us to process your personal data any longer.

Right to data portability: You have full control over the photos associated with your account or accounts.

The Iris Booth website

The website only uses necessary cookies, which are required for the operation of the website (authentication and session management cookies).

We do not use functionality cookies, analytical or performance cookies or third-party cookies.

Policy Updates

We may update this privacy notice from time to time. The most up-to-data version can be found on