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Iris Booth is a full professional photography studio in a 20-foot space. The process is like taking a selfie with results that look like they were taken by a high-end photographer. In half the time, for half the price!
Equipped with:
• Wrap-around LED lighting
• Nikon DSLR camera
• Life-size touchscreen monitor
• Custom retouching tools
• Posing tips
Iris Booth is so much more than a selfie! It’s a professional portrait with gorgeous lighting, guided instructions and powerful retouching capabilities. For the non-Kardashians out there.
$20 includes 6 photos with one high-res download. For an additional $5 unlock all 6 photos to edit, download and share.
You can pay online or pay in the booth. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
We are located across Canada and the USA. Find us HERE
No appointment necessary. Just show up and in as little as 5 minutes have a new headshot.
We are open whenever you have access to the location. Our machines run 24/7 so if the venue is open; we’re open.
Every Iris session includes 6 proofs and 1 retake. That’s seven chances in all of getting the right shot!
You can edit one in the booth and the rest are available to purchase for an additional $5. Once purchased you can edit, download and save from your online account.
The booth was designed for the perfect solo shot, however, we’ve seen stunning couple shots, mom-daughter and BFFs in the booth.
The files are all roughly 3 MPGs. You can easily print up to 16×20, we’ve seen Iris Photos used for business cards, real estate signs, even billboards!
Yes, you can pay for someone else to use the booth HERE.
Yes, you can pre pay for corporate photos HERE.