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The monthly fee includes the following:

• Unlimited usage
• Account creation and data storage
• Tech support
• Custom branded user interface and outgoing emails
• Initial set up and training

Employees want to feel good about coming to work.

ID Badges

Feeling embarrassed about the image you wear around your neck every day can be demoralizing. It’s a small detail but it has big impact on an employee morale. Iris Booth will ensure that every staff member has an ID badge they will feel proud to wear. Our software can integrate into your existing system to give you a seamless badging solution, saving embarrassment and money.

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Employees want to feel well represented


Staff Photos

Studies show that employees who are well represented on company websites show more loyalty, speak more favourably and feel more connected to their jobs. There is also a correlation between consumer engagement and posted staff photos. We are visual beings and we are more likely to engage in business with someone after we’ve seen their face, either online or in person.

Build confidence in your corporate culture

Help your employees stand out in an image dominated world.

It used to be that only real estate agents and high level execs had corporate head shots. Today everyone needs a professional profile photo. Keep your employees happy with professional headshots.

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