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Some would argue that with the onslaught of iPhones, social media, and “disposable images”, photography is either dead or dying.  I believe just the opposite is true, photography has never been better! And here’s a handful of good reasons to believe in great photography.

  1. Applehead Studios  Getting hitched? Liam’s work is fun, edgy and never boring! From tear jerker moments walking down the aisle to drinking tequila straight from the bottle at 3am.  Liam won’t miss a beat.http://www.appleheadstudio.com
  2. This is Boudoir Want to feel beautiful? Heather is your girl! Hair, makeup, wardrobe, and pampering all work to make you feel and look stunning in gorgeous photos. http://www.thisisboudoir.ca
  3. Jeff Harper As the one and only photographer at Metro Halifax, Jeff brings us the what’s-up in our fine city everyday. His work is not to be missed. http://www.metronews.ca
  4. Shaun Lowe If you’ve never seen his work… well, there’s nothing I can say except check it out. Peggy’s Cove, cityscapes, abandoned buildings are all his playground. http://www.facebook.com/shaunlowephotographic
  5. Patricio Rojo This is a friend of a friend of mine. We’ve never met but I love his work. You can find him on Instagram where you can see his unique style and interesting vibe. http://www.instagram.com/patricio_rojo
  6. Tanya Shields Growing your family? You’ll need to know this name, Tanya is the baby whisperer. She also happens to know lighting, composition, and technique. Her work is nothing short of breath taking. http://www.tanyashields.com
  7. Michelle Doucette Food. We are lucky to have some great eateries in Halifax and those eateries are lucky enough to have Michelle capture their deliciousness on film.http://www.michelledoucettephotography.ca
  8. Iris Booth Because we can all use a new headshot. Developed and created by a professional photographer, Iris Booth was designed to do one thing: Take The Perfect Headshot Every Time. http://www.irisbooth.com

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